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Alcor Latam DRG

Alcor Latam is an analytical solution of the hospital case-mix, whose objective is to facilitate decision-making based on objective and comparable information.

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Alcor Latam DRG allows you to


Alcor Latam DRG

 It allows calculating, evaluating and comparing casuistic indicators of care activity adjusted to risk, based on the IR-DRG patient grouping system.

Alcor Latam DRG allows: 





Alcor Latam DRG allows the analysis, benchmarking and evolution of the general casuistry of specialized care, efficiency in hospital processes, avoidable days of stay, the severity and risk of patient mortality.

Evolution of the general casuistry

  • Specialized care

  • Efficiency in Hospital Processes

  • Avoidable Days of Stay

  • Severity and Risk of Patient Mortality

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