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Medimecum Suite Clínica is a one-source multichannel platform of up-to-date clinical information. It is a reference worldwide for evidence-based clinical information in Spanish language, containing information adapted to the regulations, clinical practices and drugs of local Spanish speaking markets. The platform is currently available for Spain, Mexico and Ecuador and contains local referenced and evidence-based information about:

· Drug Interactions

· Pathologies

· Toxicology

· Patient Consent Forms

· Clinical Practice Guides

Its content is created and updated weekly by more than 100 pharmacists, medical doctors and nurses and is based on information from relevant regulators such as the FDA, EMEA, AEMPS, COFEPRIS, CSG, IMSS, Ministerio de Salud Pública de Ecuador and CONASA. Sigesa develops Medimecum Suite Clínica in collaboration with Medilogic SL, publisher of the reference book ‘Medimecum: Therapy Guide’.

Weekly updates

Evidence-based information

Includes Physician Opinions

Easy to integrate


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