Sigesa Alcor: herramienta de análisis


Alcor is a precise and robust analytics tool for Healthcare payers, providers and Authorities to get insights about inpatient and outpatient process improvements and population management. It has been developed by Sigesa to cover the specific case-mix analysis needs of the Latin American market.

It allows managers to analyze key health indicators such as primary and specialized care case-mix, hospital process efficiency, preventable hospital stays, severity of illness, quality of care, preventable readmissions, hospital complications, morbidity or population chronicity.

Available modules:

· Alcor-GRD Case-mix indicators based on patient classification system 3M™ IR-GRD.

· Alcor-CRG Population risk-adjustment by morbidity and chronic patient stratification indicators, based on 3M™ CRG grouping system.

Upcoming modules:

· Alcor-CAL Quality of care indicators (AHRQ, OECD, etc).

· Alcor-CST Hospital cost-control indicators.

Alcor product features:


Centralized database

Flexibility, autonomy and instant availability of analyses

Adaptable to any MBDS

Tested integration with multiple Hospital Information Systems

MBDS validation

Multiple data import and export formats

Multi Grouper (APR, IR, MS, CRG…)

Standard and customizable dashboards

Multiple benchmarking options

Intuitive drill-down to single episode of care

Multi-Area (Inpatient, Outpatient, ASC, ER, Primary Care…)

Expert support

Sigesa Alcor: herramienta de análisis


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