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SmartView Manager

SmartView Manager is a solution specifically designed for the organization´s management team.

ENARA Visor Directivo


Synthesized information that allows you to quickly and easily obtain a vision of the general situation of the center.


The consultation of the main indicators from mobile devices and tablets in a simple and intuitive way.


  • Simple view of the evolution of the indicators generated by the different solutions of the Enara platform, compared against the norm, the target and Enara Machine Learning Standards (MLS).

  • Customizable selection of the target indicators that the organization wants to monitor.

  • Customizable alert system to warn about indicator deviations.

  • Synchronization with the organization´s HIS and the rest of the Enara platform to show up-to-date information.

  • Visual and simplified dashboard that allows to have a spot-on summary of the key indicators of a hospital´s performance from any mobile device (phone or tablet).

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