Micromedex by Merative

What is Merative Micromedex?

For more than 45 years, Merative Micromedex has been one of the largest online reference databases about drug information, toxicology, diseases, patient education and alternative medicine. Delivered through a web portal with IP recognition, the comprehensive resource provides healthcare professionals with clinical decision support for informed treatment decisions. Merative Micromedex facilitates decision making in the areas of drug information, disease and condition management, toxicology and alternative medicine. It even addresses specific questions, such as IV compatibility, interactions or dosis tools, etc.

Merative Micromedex evidence-based information contains:

  • Drug dosing and medication management for all FDA-approved medications and select drugs approved by EMA and Health Canada
  • Detailed information about drug interactions and IV compatibility
  • Treatment protocols and checklists for acute and chronic disease management
  • Lab information to help choose appropriate tests and interpret results
  • Alternative medicine information on herbal and alternative therapies
  • Neonatal and Pediatric drug information for age-and indication-specific considerations
  • Detailed protocols for toxicology and exposure management

Sigesa & Merative Micromedex

Avoid medication errors with AI-powered, evidence-based clinical knowledgealimentado por IA, basado en evidencias

Sigesa has been providing leading-edge analytics solutions, including the clinical knowledge database, to healthcare clients in Spain for many years. Today, it offers the Micromedex Assitant tool with AI-powered natural language search to help providers find answers and make evidence-based clinical decisions.

Sigesa Micromedex

Micromedex Assitant

Since the mid-1970s, Merative Micromedex has been considered an industry standard for clinical decision support. Merative Micromedex has been a pioneer in distributing medical and clinical drug information, whether through microfiche, CD-ROMs, standalone PCs, mainframes, intranets or the internet.

Micromedex’s Assistant most recent iteration combines the artificial intelligence (AI) with the evidence-based clinical decision support of Merative Micromedex. It can help accelerate access to information by bypassing the keyword-based search process in favor of a search box that accepts natural language queries.

Micromedex Assistant can answer drug reference questions from specific content within Merative Micromedex, including:

  • Quick answers for drug classes
  • FDA-approved and off-label indications
  • Dosing and administration
  • IV compatibility
  • Medication safety
  • Mechanism of action
  • Pharmacokinetics and drug interactions

Why Merative Micromedex is important

Merative Micromedex is used to help support safe and effective drug therapy decisions at the point of care. Merative Micromedex can also:

  • Help reduce medication errors and improve patient outcomes
  • Provide evidence ratings and recommendations, supporting clinical decision-making

  • Guide off-label use decisions supported by complete, cited evidence

  • Support Patient Safety initiatives and Joint Commission compliance

Clear and actionable evidence

The Merative Micromedex NICE-accredited editorial processes ensure quality and consistency. Professional editorial staff continually evaluate the world’s biomedical literature and regulatory actions, ensuring that Micromedex contains the most clinically accurate, relevant, and consistent drug reference information available.

Beyond drug summaries and package insert data to deliver full evidence

Merative Micromedex provides in-depth coverage of on- and off-label drug use, mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics, adverse drug effects, relevant clinical trial results, therapeutic use and comparative data.

Evidence and efficacy ratings

Strength of evidence and efficacy ratings help guide clinical decision-making, whether evaluating a more common drug therapy option or drug therapy options for a rare disease or condition. Merative Micromedex has been awarded the “Best in Klas” award in Clinical Decision Support in 2023.

Access anytime, anywhere

Merative Micromedex mobile apps are available for iOS and Android®.

What is Micromedex® ISI?

It is a solution that incorporates a system of alerts and content based on scientific evidence that can be integrated with health information systems. The integration of alerts and content is carried out through APIs and Infobutton (HL7).
The information contained in Micromedex ISI on medicines, diseases and patient education follows an exhaustive editorial quality process endorsed by NICE and CMS. Micromedex ISI facilitates therapeutic assurance by improving patient safety and optimising the work of healthcare professionals by integrating into their workflow.

Micromedex® ISI functionalities and contents:

  • Interactions (drugs, food, ethanol, tobacco, laboratory tests…)
  • Micromedex Assistant
  • Medicines – contraindications and precautions for diseases
  • Maximum doses
  • Adverse reactions
  • Medication-Allergy Alert
  • Duplication of medicines and conflicting therapeutic classes
  • Duplicate active ingredient alerts
  • General Precautions (age and gender)
  • Pregnancy alerts
  • Breastfeeding Alerts
  • Compatibility alert system for injectable medicines
  • Summaries of pharmacological information
  • Patient education information