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ENARA Global Manager is the first platform for comprehensive and intelligent analysis of health activity

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What is Enara?

Enara Global Manager integrates more than 20 different solutions, grouped into four product ranges (DataBuilders, Algorithm, Analytics and SmartView) that enable the complete process of transforming data into useful knowledge to support decision making:

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Information Capture: Information collection and normalization products. They collect and structure all the necessary information to be able to perform subsequent analysis. They have data validation and purification mechanisms that improve the quality of information and prepare it for further processing.

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Information Transformation Algorithms: Algorithms of patient grouping, population stratification and prediction engines and machine learning, which treat and transform data into knowledge, preparing information for further analysis.

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Analysers: Powerful and accurate data analysis products. They allow an exhaustive study of the activity, the quality and the efficiency of the assistance processes from different perspectives and levels.

Infografía DataBuilders


Knowledge Transmission: Display products of abbreviated information. They allow to transmit the knowledge obtained in the deep analysis of the information to different profiles of the institution, in a synthesized and simple way, so that more people in the organization can make management decisions based on data analysis.


It allows the multi-dimension analysis of the activity in a single platform. The entire platform has a single data model and a centralized database, which allows the entire organization to unify and standardize all its data and perform analysis under the same criteria, obtaining comparable results and facilitating communication and strategic planning.

Todas las soluciones de la plataforma ENARA Global Manager están integradas, pero se comercializan de forma independiente, lo que permite al centro en todo momento elegir el conjunto de soluciones que mejor se adaptan a sus necesidades.
Además, las soluciones son altamente parametrizables y están diseñadas teniendo en cuenta las distintas necesidades de cada perfil.Además, las soluciones son altamente parametrizables y están diseñadas teniendo en cuenta las distintas necesidades de cada perfil.

ENARA Global Manager permite realizar analítica descriptiva y predictiva. Gracias a las técnicas de analítica descriptiva, la plataforma permite entender con detalle el estado actual del centro e identificar áreas de mejora en cuanto a eficiencia y calidad de la asistencia. La analítica predictiva permite dar un paso más y estimar la evolución de ciertos indicadores de gran relevancia.

Designed with security and data protection in mind at all times.

La plataforma ENARA Global Manager tiene un diseño visual e intuitivo, que facilita la navegación y uso de las distintas soluciones y funcionalidades.

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