30 years helping healthcare institutions to improve their management

Sigesa 30 Años

About us

We are experts in the development and implementation of advanced data analytics solutions for Healthcare institutions.

We offer the market an integral set of software solutions that collect, validate, transform, analyse and help share insights obtained from data, for a more informed decision-making.

Our extensive knowledge of the sector, acquired during more than three decades of work, allows us to develop technology adapted to the real needs of our clients and offer an expert partnership throughout the process.


On March 18, 1993 Sigesa was established in Madrid, with a promising project and a vision to improve the healthcare system. For more than 30 years, we have worked hand in hand with our clients to meet their needs, innovating and looking for ways to improve every day.

Thanks to the entire Sigesa team, our customers, our suppliers and all those who have trusted us over the years, for having made us the leading company in its sector.


More than 570 institutions, including the Ministry of Health (MoH) of serveral countries, Regional Governments, Public and private hospitals, hospital conglomerates and Insurance companies use our solutions every day to make more informed decisions.

Our Values


Our business model is based on approachability, familiarity and proximity, which allows us to know our clients and be aligned with their interests.


Believing in the real impact of our work and having a team that spreads its energy pushes us to work with enthusiasm and commitment.


Our flexibility and speed to adapt to changes in the environment allows us to develop tailored solutions for each client.

Continuous improvement