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“Chile is the Latin American reference in the use of DRGs for clinical management”

What are the Diagnosis Related Groups? Hospitals concentrate a very important part of the resource consumption of the healthcare systems. Therefore, knowing what is "produced" in hospitals is essential to be able to carry out clinical and administrative management. A hospital receives a large number of patients every day. However, unlike other industries, in healthcare it is very difficult to measure activity, since there are not two patients that are exactly the same; How can I then measure in an objective way if I am treating patients with the right quality and efficiency? It is necessary to have internationally accepted mechanisms [...]

4 / July / 2018|

Population risk Stratification for Chronicity Management

In the history of medicine, three major eras can be pointed out. One could say that the first era mainly consisted of palliative medicine, the second was hygienic-sanitary and the third one has been mainly curative. All of them have been key to achieving the advances that we have made over the centuries in terms of longevity and quality of life. However, the increase in health spending, as a result of population aging, the increase in chronicity rates, cost of treatments and expectations of citizens, have led health systems to face an important sustainability issue. As a consequence, we are entering [...]

3 / June / 2018|

Challenges and Trends of the Health Sector in Europe

This week the HIMSS Europe Conference and Exhibition 2018 was held in the Catalan town of Sitges. Organized by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, HIMSS is the largest conference of the health technology sector in Europe. As it happens with its American counterpart, the HIMSS Europe conference has become a reference point to discuss the challenges of the health sector and discover the latest news and trends in innovation in healthcare technology. This year, the conference was held in conjunction with the Health 2.0 initiative and has brought together more than 1,500 professionals. Three days of congress and a [...]

30 / May / 2018|

II Sigesa Latam Healthcare Management Seminar

After the success of the first edition in 2017, the 2nd Sigesa Latam Healthcare Management Seminar returns to Santiago, Chile on May 10, 2018. Under the title of "Chile. The Future of Healthcare Management: Analytics, DRGs and Big Data ", the seminar will bring together world experts in health management and data analysis, who will present their vision on the current situation and the future perspectives of data analysis in the Chilean health system. The seminar aims to highlight the importance of secondary analysis of clinical data from different points of view and make visible the multiple benefits, both economic and [...]

17 / April / 2018|

25th Anniversary Sigesa

This March, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sigesa! On March 18, 1993 Sigesa was constituted, with the idea of carrying out a difficult but exciting project. Thanks to the Sigesa team, our customers, our suppliers and all those who have trusted us over the years, today we are celebrating this anniversary. A new generation has taken the place of its founders with even more ambitious and exciting projects. We continue working so that all those who have helped us to get here, feel proud of our company. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!

21 / March / 2018|

Measuring and improving quality of care at hospitals

Improving quality of care has become a major issue for hospitals. We live a time where patients are becoming more and more demanding, professionals are better trained and medical technology is ever more innovative and helpful. These and many other social and scientific factors have contributed to promote and improve the quality of care provided by healthcare systems. However, in order to continue improving effectively the quality of care provided, it is essential to be able to measure quality appropriately, a task that is complex. Are hospitals today prepared to measure quality effectively? To evaluate how prepared an organization is to measure [...]

9 / January / 2018|

Bringing Excellence to Chronic Disease Management (Course)

Chronic diseases, especially non-communicable diseases (NCDs), represent a major challenge to many healthcare systems, because of their prevalence, progressivity and high costs. In Colombia, based on the data from DANE (Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística), in 2016 74% of all deaths were caused by a non-communicable chronic diseases. Of these, 31.7% were due to Ischemic Heart disease or stroke, 19% caused by Malignancy and 6% due to lower respiratory diseases. Regarding costs, NCDs represent an important percentage of the medical costs of all Healthcare System. For example, it is estimated that for the 2006-2015 period, only in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, [...]

29 / August / 2017|

Value-Based Healthcare: a new model of care management

lth Care Systems in the long term across the globe is under pressure due to the increases in demand for care and the increases in the costs of providing such assistance. Thess pressures on the system have shifted the focus from a medicine based on volumes to a medicine that focuses on effectiveness and outcomes. There is no international forum or congress nowadays that doesn’t talk about Value-Based Healthcare as one of the necessary changes to guarantee the sustainability of Health Systems and to improve citizens’ quality of life. However, this shift represents a complete model change that is not fast [...]

16 / July / 2017|

Event: ‘Healthcare Management & DRG: present and future’

On May 31st, Sigesa will host ‘Healthcare Management & DRG: Present and Future’ at NH Ciudad de Santiago, in Santiago de Chile. The event will bring together Chilean and international experts and advocates in the fields of DRG implementation, healthcare management, clinical coding and healthcare data analytics to exchange views on the impact the introduction of DRG has had in Chile and Latin America, present new analysis tools and discuss new opportunities that are arising in data analytics and case-mix management. For registration and more information about this event visit:

5 / May / 2017|

Building the future. YES, GIRLS CAN!

Today, women represent only 18% of Tech professionals in Spain and around 75% of female STEM graduates abandon the field at some point in their careers. To reverse these statistics, it is important to change the perception young girls have of technical fields. This year, Sigesa will join Build the Future #Makewhatsnext, an event held by Microsoft Spain, to share with girls female role models in scientific and technical roles and share with them the attractiveness of pursuing technical careers. The event will be held on April 27 at the Microsoft Iberica headquarters in Madrid and shared via streaming. More information [...]

25 / April / 2017|

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