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ICD10 coding has increased significantly the number of possible codes and the workload of coding professionals. To address this problem, Sigesa, in collaboration with Alfatec Sistemas, has developed Teamcoder, an innovative and versatile clinical coding platform that improves coder productivity while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and compliance.

Teamcoder has been designed by local coding professionals for the specific needs of the Spanish and Latin American markets. It is highly flexible and customizable to specific client requirements or regulatory changes. It is available for the Spanish market adapted to ICD10 ES and ICD9 CM/PCS and for Latin American markets adapted to ICD10 WHO.

Summary of product features:

Adaptable to multiple ICD versions

Highly customizable

Quality control checks


Multigrouper (APR, IR, AP…)

Multi Area (Inpatient, Outpatient, ASC, ER …)

ICD9-ICD10 mapping

Code recommendations

Help notes

Pre-coded episode templates

Smart code search engine

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