100 measures to improve the Spanish Healthcare System

E&S Fundación

On March 14th 2017, Fundación Economía y Salud, a Spanish Foundation constituted in 2012 with the aim of generating and promoting widespread knowledge of the contributions the healthcare sector can make to the economy, presented its new book ‘100 MEASURES TO IMPROVE THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM’.

The book, which presents a list of measures and recommended actions to improve the Spanish Healthcare System, was compiled thanks to the contribution and consensus of 140 experts, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds within the Spanish healthcare sector, including experts from Sigesa. The set of experts got together last October in a dedicated Forum to discuss the situation of the Spanish Healthcare System, identify the areas of improvement and agree on the key measures that could help improve the system. Experts where divided into 10 groups, depending on their field of expertise, each one focusing on a specific topic. Subjects discussed included interoperability, incentive systems, new technological advancements or the benefits of benchmarking.

The result of those fruitful discussions, is a book containing a set of 100 concrete measures about system evaluation, governance and transparency, patient empowerment, health promotion, patient safety, improvement of purchase procedures or internationalization, among others, that according to the consensus of experts, would have the biggest impact in improving the Spanish Healthcare System.

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