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3M™ APR-DRG (All Patient Refined) allows a classification of the most refined hospital casuistry offering information in each case about the severity of the disease, the risk of patient mortality and its impact on the cost of the service.



That differentiate patient in relation to:

  • The severity of the disease (SOI) in terms of the magnitude of the physiological decompensation or loss of the organs function.

  • The risk of death (ROM), which is defined as the probability of death.

  • The effects on the intensity of resources required in the health care process.

*The system assigns an APR and its descriptors (APR-DRG, SOI, ROM) using the data from the MBDS.

The creation of the APR-DRG is based on:

  • Formulation of independent clinical hypotheses for SOI and ROM of each Base DRG.

  • Contrast these hypotheses with a multitude of historical data.

Both SOI and ROM depend on:

  • Underlying Problems.

  • Secondary Diagnoses.

  • Procedures that accompany the principal.

With the additional information:

  • A more refined classification is obtained that allows a deeper analysis.

  • Facilitates communication between clinicians and managers.

  • Allows the improvement of the Organization and the Hospital assistance.

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