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Enara MLP (coming soon)


This innovative predictive solution uses Machine Learning algorithms, a field of Artificial Intelligence which´s objective is to build systems that automatically learn from data, to find patterns that help predict the future results of indicators of high strategic value.

Some of the indicators that Enara MLP can predict:

  • Risk of Emergency Room Readmission
  • Emergency  Room Triage estimated wait time
  • Total Emergency Room wait time
  • Risk of an Emergency Admission
  • Pre-surgical stay prediction
  • Surgery intervention time prediction
  • Total Length of stay forecast
  • Complication Risk
  • Hospitalization Readmission Risk
  • Intensive Care Readmission Risk
  • Mortality risk
  • Need for procedure
  • Estimated cost of the Risks and Services previously predicted

*Enara MLP will be available soon.

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