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ENARA Global Manager is the first platform for comprehensive and intelligent analysis of health activity

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What is Enara?

Enara Global Manager integrates more than 20 different solutions, grouped into four product ranges (DataBuilders, Algorithm, Analytics and SmartView) that enable the complete process of transforming data into useful knowledge to support decision making:


Information Capture: Information collection and normalization products. They collect and structure all the necessary information to be able to perform subsequent analysis. They have data validation and purification mechanisms that improve the quality of information and prepare it for further processing.


 Algorithms: Algorithms of patient grouping, population stratification and prediction engines and machine learning, which treat and transform data into knowledge, preparing information for further analysis.


Analysers: Powerful and accurate data analysis products. They allow an exhaustive study of the activity, the quality and the efficiency of the assistance processes from different perspectives and levels.


Knowledge Transmission: Display products of abbreviated information. They allow to transmit the knowledge obtained in the deep analysis of the information to different profiles of the institution, in a synthesized and simple way, so that more people in the organization can make management decisions based on data analysis.


ENARA Global Manager integra cuatro gamas de productos, que permiten realizar el proceso completo de tratamiento y gestión de la información, desde la recogida del dato original, hasta la difusión del conocimiento obtenido a los distintos niveles y perfiles de la organización, de acuerdo a sus necesidades. Además, toda la plataforma ENARA está desarrollada bajo un modelo de datos único con base de datos centralizada, lo que permite a la organización unificar y normalizar sus datos, realizar análisis bajo los mismos criterios, obteniendo con todo ello resultados comparables que faciliten la comunicación y ayuden en la planificación estratégica.

All solutions of the ENARA Global Manager platform are integrated, but are marketed independently, allowing the center at all times to choose the set of solutions that best suits their needs.
In addition, the solutions are highly customizable and are designed taking into account the different needs of each profile.

ENARA Global Manager enables descriptive and predictive analytics. Thanks to descriptive analytics techniques, the platform allows to understand in detail the current state and identify areas for improvement in terms of efficiency and quality of care. Predictive analytics allows to go a step further and estimate the evolution of certain indicators of great relevance.

Designed with security and data protection in mind at all times.

The ENARA Global Manager platform has a visual and intuitive design, which facilitates the navigation and use of the different solutions and functionalities.